Think It Thru - P.A.R.T.Y. Program
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Think It Thru

Think it Thru is a program built around risk. Think it Thru is a curriculum based on the belief that risks need to be taken. That testing boundaries and pushing against the rules seems to be a central preoccupation, almost the mission statement, of adolescence.

Youth have always thought that rules are meant to be broken. Preaching, forbidding, lecturing, scare-tactics and the authoritative judgmental approach to prevention of injury are proverbial exercises in futility and only make the danger more appealing. To many youth, risk is yet another element to be conquered at a time when life is all about fitting in, proving oneself and winning peer acceptance. Rule based approaches to prevention lead youth to experiment far beyond their boundaries for the sheer thrill of breaking rules.

Youth need to understand the principles behind injury prevention through activities that build awareness and educate them. Think it Thru respects their need for independence, accepts their need to take risks, and recognizes their capacity to employ reason and make their own decisions.

Think it Thru is a program created to keep you safer and for you to be more aware of the things you are at risk for. This program is for athletes, teenagers and risk takers.

Coming soon…Think it Thru resources, program guides and pricing┬ádetails